The Book Stacking Problem

Not a problem I’m currently experiencing, but might be if I keep buying too many books!

Paper Breathers

I have a book stacking problem. No, not the mathematician’s book stacking problem (although I love my infinite series to no end, pun totally intended) – rather, the average reader’s book stacking problem. You see, I don’t have a bookshelf. I had bookshelves at home, and I had bookshelves that came with my dorm room in college, but when I started grad school, I didn’t realize that I was missing something until I started stacking my books.



INORITE? How do I get the book I want to read out of these stacks without everything else collapsing on top of me? And don’t even ask me how I can put a book back to its rightful place; it’s like an unwinnable game of Jenga. I’ve thought about stacking my books vertically instead, but came to the conclusion that it would look weird and uneven if I stack vertical books on…

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