A Trip to Fight Club and Back (SPOILER ALERT) (July, 2012)

So I decided to take some small respite from reading War and Peace and borrowed out Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk from the University library, besides the fact that it came up in my writing class (again!) and it was on TV.



It’s definitely not what I expected. There are, in fact not two main characters, but one. The premise is definitely worth the read; the fight for class equality and true discovery of self is a topic that is often covered in books but Fight Club gives it a whole new flavour. Fight Club frequently alludes to anarchy and its use as a catalyst for ‘freedom of the people’, which reminded me quite a lot of 1984 (seems everything reminds me of George Orwell in some way, shape or form).


It’s a short book, but it’s definitely a good one. It packs a big punch in terms of morals and teaching whilst not preaching, as well as making you really think about what you have read to get the full message. It’s especially interesting because you get to follow the characters as they learn things about themselves, and the visual detail is so vivid that you feel as if you’re the one being punched. This is liable to make you miss stops on trains and also forget that you had to go to bed at some point.


The only reason I would caution a reader against it is if they have problems with violence and fighting, but even here the fighting is justified and it all makes sense once you read the final chapter (which apparently isn’t included in the movie).


So only a short one this time as I’m in a break at university, but as I work my way through some other novels I’ll write more up here. I may even add more to this post.


Happy reading!




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