Books: the perfect medicine for a stressful day in front of your obnoxious computer, and what I’m reading #3 (December, 2011)

So, here I was trying to get iTunes to work for me when BAM!


The update doesn’t work. I tried multiple methods of fixing the problem, all to no avail, and now there is no way on the planet that I’ll be able to sleep tonight.


Which is really not what I need right now.


I’ve been reading all day, with nothing else to do but piano practice I thought I would go and enjoy myself, since nobody else around here has been able to lately (Christmas… stressful for all).


I began reading The Same Sea, by Amos Oz this morning. It’s only a small book but it’s definitely worth the read. My mum read it before I did and she said “Pearl you have to read this book!”


So I did, and am now reaping the rewards of it.


The entire book is written in a first person style prose, I’m not entirely sure what form it is. It details the story of a family in what I have gathered to be Israel and the goings on of that family, the innermost thoughts and actions with an occasional aside from our trusty narrator, the very same who wrote the book. It’s not exactly a gripping read, but it definitely appeals to the ‘literary sense’ in all of us. It’s written beautifully, the prose slips off the metaphorical tongue as easily as melted butter.



 As for Foucault’s Pendulum, for those of you that keep up with what I’m reading it was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! In the final chapters it’s like the feeling you get when you go on a rollercoaster and it finishes and you’re just like ‘wow… let’s do it again!’ A wondrous piece of work, and to the author of which I am now totally and completely addicted. The ending itself is rather regretful, like a lost puppy (that’s what I thought of, second last chapter), but seriously you HAVE TO READ IT!


So, now I’m seriously considering getting back to The Same Sea, to help me forget about my nasty computer who I think has some issues it needs to sort out with it’s parents before the night is out… good God if only…


And tonight, until I get iTunes back, it’ll be without my trusty iPod.


Great. A night with my own brain.


Signing off, hoping your Christmas lead-up hasn’t been too stressful and that you’ve done all your shopping.




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