Christmas and Books and Me (December, 2011)

Hello all, and merry Christmas if nobody’s wished you that yet.


This blog post… hmm. Well it’s mostly about me and getting books. With Christmas pending (3 weeks now, I’m still counting), and at least three presents still to buy, what does Pearl do? She goes to DFO and buys $25 worth of new books she hasn’t read yet. Good job, that money was for the OTHER presents, not yours.


I’m still powering my way through Foucault’s Pendulum, one of the best books I’ve read this year so claps for Umberto Eco. I was describing it to a friend the other day, and I quote: “it’s like a chocolate fudge sundae, with heaps and heaps and heaps of chocolate sprinkles, a cadbury Flake stuck in it, and all the yummy things in the world you can think of, then splitting it into layers and eating it one piece at a time so you get to analyse it and get all the yummy goodness out of it!” Trust me it sounded better when I said it…


In other book related news, one particular book on my Christmas wishlist is 1Q84 by Murakami, a three-book hardcover edition which has only just this year had its first English translation from the original Japanese. For those of you that are fans of George Orwell’s 1984 it’s a must read, according to various reviews and the blurb on the back cover it’s basically a Japanese version of the same story! Also is Stephen King’s new novel 11/22/63, a time travelling story about stopping JFK’s assassination. A very interesting concept if I don’t say so myself, and something dealt with in Quantum Leap, the TV series from like the 90’s or something starring Scott Bakula from Enterprise. Looking very forward to opening my presents now!


Finally, my latest fanfiction is also nearing completion. I’ve decided I’ll be posting it on, under AdmiralCarter. If you’re into sci-fi and generally weird timeline manipulations, I would say give it a bit of a squiz. I’m hoping one day I can expand and write something publishable, trouble is the sci-fi genre is very crowded, and very hard to get into so I’ll see what happens.


That’s all for now, until next post!


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