Favourite book writing websites (so far) and first blogs… (October, 2011)

To my currently unknown followers;


This blog is dedicated to pretty much everything even vaguely bookish or arts-related. For more information please read the ‘back matter’ section of this page.


This particular post, however is going to be about the few websites I have found so far which really help me understand what the writing craft is all about. They aren’t presented in any order of preference, mind you.


Number One: http://www.novel-writing-help.com/. This website is actually written by a University lecturer who really knows what he’s talking about. It’s quite a good resource and is set up like a basic literary course, a giant help for anyone just entering the field and extending investigatory feelers (like me).


Number Two: http://www.suite101.com/writingfiction. Pretty good as a basic overview of the writing craft. Haven’t had much of a chance to explore but what I have seen is quite good. Any feedback would be useful.


Other suggestions for writing resources are:


  • local libraries which usually have writing meet groups for authors
  • The Queensland Writer’s Association
  • University lecturers in literary courses
  • Other authors, if you get a chance to ask.

That’s all I have for the moment, don’t know when my next post will be as exams are coming up soon.


Hope you enjoyed that.


Admiral Carter, AKA Pearl.


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