Women as Writers: Flannery O’Connor’s short stories… and other things (April, 2012)

Hey all;


Thought I’d update you all on what’s happening in my reading life so far.


I’m slowly working my way through the Flannery O’Connor short story collection. She’s an amazing writer. It’s so realistic, dynamic, the characters are almost flesh and blood! She creates a unique kind of emotional attachment between the reader and the characters so that you are compelled to keep reading the stories, even if some are shocking and make you gasp and bite your nails whilst catching an afternoon train packed with people back from university.


In other news, I’ve recently finished reading The Labours of Hercules by Agatha Christie. I’m a bit of a crime fiction fan, or so I’ve discovered lately, and I like reading Christie’s novels because it’s like trying to put a puzzle together, always staying one step ahead of the detective and try to figure out what went wrong.


I’ve also been busy writing short stories and analysing various new pieces for my creative writing unit at uni, which has been quite educational and has enhanced my writing ability and knowledge considerably.


I’ve also come across a new author, Paddy O’Reilly. She’s Australian, which surprised me because I don’t normally read Australian authors due to what I’ve seen as a very bland history of writing about colonial pursuits.  She’s successfully changed my perspective and I intend to read more of both her work and the work of other Australian authors as time goes on.


That’s about it for now, hopefully once my assignments are out of the road I can finish 1Q84! Hooray!




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