I’m getting reading withdrawals… (May, 2012)

Hello all!


The sky’s grey, it’s cold and I know I’d rather be at home reading with a good cup of hot tea than being at university with my assignments.


So as you’ve probably gathered it’s assignment and exam season for me, so I haven’t really been able to read very much lately. I had to return my last two library books. I got a little over halfway through the Flannery O’Connor compendium, and as I stressed in my last post it just keeps you turning the pages. It’s a constant journey and I was regretful that I wasn’t able to finish it.


The Lawrence Durrell compendium I only managed to flick through before I returned it. For any of you who have had the time to read Proust (I got five pages into the first book, there’s seven of them!) the voicing is quite similar and very reminiscent.


Since I had to return these I lost my train reading material. I read on the train, it’s the only time I get and forty five minutes is good enough for me. At the moment I’m reading Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist. It’s my first Dickens, and I am absolutely stunned by it. I can understand now why it’s a classic text: it deals with the issue of poverty in such a sarcastic and yet effective manner that it often left me shocked at the amount of cruelty that could be so blithely passed off as normal. The twists and turns of Oliver’s life are so many and so dark that I wonder where Dickens got the idea to write it from, I haven’t had much of a chance to research it yet.


In other news, my first writing class of the year is almost over (with much regret!) and I can safely say I feel more confident in writing short stories than I did before. I’m going to do another next semester, entirely dedicated to short stories. I am interested to see how it goes.


I have also begun reading 1Q84 again. I’m nearly done with the third book. I’ll let you all know how it goes once I’m finished.


Well the lecture theatre calls. Holidays are coming soon, hopefully I can get back into the swing of things then.


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