More stuff about writing (January, 2012)

Hello everyone!


Thought I might share a thought I had the other day. I was trying to work out a plotline for a new novel I’m working on and one thing I’ve noticed over the years that I’ve been writing is that each individual work has it’s own individual rhythm, like a piece of music. Before you can feel comfortable with the work itself and the characters it contains, you have to find its rhythm. Without it, I know personally that I’ve often found it difficult to work within the piece itself. It’s hard to connect with the plotline and what you want from the book, thus making it harder to actually come up with the ideas to write about. 


Another point on this same vein is that when writing you have to also think of how the reader is going to connect with your work. How they can relate to it. It’s an integral part of any good work of fiction. The literary critic Roland Barthes, amazing man, wrote a very interesting paper called ‘The Death of the Author’, which deals with this idea in depth that the writer has to write for the reader in this day and age more than they have to write for themselves. It’s poignant and well worth reading for anyone who would like to learn more about writing and authors in general. 


AND, I just bought a new book recently, entitled The Brain that Changes Itself by Norman Douglas MD. Haven’t read it yet but heaps of people have been recommending it so I thought I’d give it a shot. 


Will be starting up at Uni again soon, taking an introductory course to creative writing so we’ll see how that goes. 




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