More ways to link up with Tumblr, Google + and DeviantArt!! (January, 2013)

Hello all!


So I thought I would help this little blog along by adding a few new ways to connect, namely through a Tumblr account. I’ve set it up under AdmiralCarter, so please go check it out because I’ll post updates and extra bits of information along the way!


Also, I still have my DeviantArt account (under AdmiralCarter), and a Google + account, with AdmiralCarter in the title.


In other news, because of a recent upheaval of the contents of my bookshelf I misplaced the rest of my Stieg Larsson series, and resorted to reading a Reader’s Digest version of 3 classic HG Wells novels: The Time Machine, The War of the Worlds and The Island of Doctor Moreau. Once I’ve finished with these I’ll do my usual overview and deconstruction, then back to the Millennium trilogy for what will hopefully be a smashing conclusion!


So sign up, stay tuned, and don’t stop reading!




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