Something new I found for writers (February, 2012)

And we’re back again after a painfully long break!


Thought I’d share something I found the other day. It’s given me quite a good insight into where I can head next in terms of my own work; I was having a ‘writer’s block’ moment but I think I’m back on track now. It’s a series of guest writers talking about their own work and how they write, what they consider essential ‘tools of the trade’, if I can say that.


It’s called ‘How to Write Great Fiction’. Here’s the URL:


There’s a whole heap of other useful information on this site too, worth a good look.


In other news, I’ve had to put a hold on 1Q84 even though I’m tantalizingly close to the end because I have some other important texts to read with regards to a writing course I’m doing. It’s heavy going stuff but it’s also extremely addictive. I’ve discovered a new love for poetry, which was destroyed during school, and now all I want to read is Shakespeare and Paradise Lost. I’m looking forward to the rest of this year and what else I can discover.


To everyone out there, good luck and don’t give up!




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