What I’m reading #4: the completion of The Same Sea and the beginning of The Slap (December, 2011)

Hi all!


As for the laptop problem, it was solved so now I can start writing again! I was getting withdrawal symptoms…


Anyway, I finished Amos Oz’s The Same Sea this morning, it ends in a neat little package but it leaves some things unresolved. Overall a good book which I would recommend for anyone who likes prose and lyricism. It describes the events within with colour, emotion and overall a wonderful sense of enjoyment, most are quite vivid and something to remember. However, I would warn you against it if you have problems with anything, shall we say below the belt.


The next book on my list is Christos Tsiolkas’ The Slap, which for those of you who watch the ABC a lot will know of it as being made into the smash television series, which I believe won a few awards… Anyway I’m looking forward to it, it’s about as thick as Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, and according to various persons who have read it before me it’s quite an involved work.



I’ll reserve judgement about it until I’m done, I think, unless I find something worth rambling about.


In other news, I’m debating whether or not to put my fanfics up on the web, it would take a lot of editing work on my part and I’m not sure if I really want to. I’ll see. 


I’ve also started work on a new novel, which I’d like to publish. It’s not exactly sci-fi, more the unreal and the strange, in want of a better way to describe it.


I’ll keep you aprised.





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