Update: Where’s she run off to…

It’s all right, I’ve not gone on a spontaneous journey anywhere. I’m still here, reading away. As University is about to start next week, and a new degree is knocking at my door impatiently, I’ll give you pre-warning that my posts will definitely not be as frequent as they have been so far.

That said, I’m finding that James Clavell’s Tai-Pan is a very detailed book and one that is an absolute black hole for my attention span. Whenever I’m working on something else I always find myself wondering what the characters might do next in their battle for control of the Chinese tea and opium trade, which happens to be one of my favourite periods of history from my days in high school. It’s a great book, and I promise I’ll keep you updated as I progress.

Speaking of great books, before leaving for an orientation function at university today I found myself hastily scanning my bookshelf for something to take with me to read on the train. My eyes, of course, landed on one of the most difficult books I own: Goethe’s Faust. It’s a slim, hardbound novel which wears a blue cover as if it were a dusty old smoking jacket. The pages are thin but not brittle, and bear the colouring of a well-aged classic. It’s also conveniently small enough to fit into my handbag, and I think that was part of the reason why I picked it up. Suffice to say, when I cracked it open whilst sitting on the train I was quite surprised to find a lengthy, academic introduction which did help to clear up a few mysteries about the book. I’ll detail these later on once I start getting into the meat of it, but my suspicions are that it will travel much like Milton’s Paradise Lost and Paradise Regained did. I know this much: that Goethe’s Faust is an epic (As in long poem), that it focuses on ideas expounded from the bible, and that apparently in the past there has been much disagreement about what exactly, if anything, Goethe’s Faust means in terms of its artistic merit.

In other news, I’ve recently decided that I will be writing up an entry for this year’s Young Writer’s Award run by the State Library of Queensland. I haven’t yet decided on a topic, but the old cogs are once again grinding away and I seriously hope that what I come up with will have a decent chance at taking out the top prize.

So, that’s it from me for now.

Never stop reading!



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