And I-e-i Will Always Love You.

Oh, Bite Me.

Know what I’m really sick of?
Okay, just about everything…
But for the sake of my fingers, lets stick to one topic.

What I’m really REALLY sick of; feeling like I have to defend the stuff I love.

Be it movies, songs, games ANYTHING!
People seem to have this mindset that what they like is the best thing ever.
Anything else, is crap.
Anything non mainstream, is crap.
Anything mainstream, is crap.
Everything is just crap!

Oh! My! God!

Where did people develop these complexes where suddenly THEY have the ONLY important say in the matter of ANYTHING?

“Oh, I HATE Jennifer Lopez. Therefore, anything she’s sung, acted in or directed is automatically shit.”
“… Well, I actually quite liked her in The Wedding Planner.”
“You like The Wedding Planner? What the fuck is wrong with you?”

… Sound familiar?

After this, you tend to go into this whole…

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