Musings on female writers and war, and the Book Club

Just stumbled across this post on female authors who have written novels on war. War isn’t a topic I particularly like to read about. Mostly because it depresses me and takes me to the real world, where I don’t want to be when I read. But in saying that, it does provide a good window into wars past and perhaps enlightens us on the moral side of war. Which isn’t discussed as often as it should be. Here’s the post:

Check it out.

Also, for the past few first Tuesdays of each month the ABC’s Book Club have been doing shows focusing on the seven deadly sins. It’s interesting viewing material. This week’s show was on sloth, or laziness as it’s more commonly known. If you’re after some brain food or some good late-night viewing, flick the box onto channel 21 for a while if you’re in Australia.

Don’t stop reading!



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