Thoughts about lost stuff found in books…

So I just read this really interesting post on the ABC website, and it was discussing a bookstore in Brisbane’s West End that displays lost items found in books that are in the shop’s stock. It got me thinking about the times I’ve found weird things in books, which happens fairly often considering I often go shopping for secondhand books. Sadly I haven’t kept everything I’ve found, except for a very old tram ticket which is pinned to my noticeboard at home. One of my parents’ valentines day cards once made its way into a book of mine, beats me as to how. I also once found a few business cards for a Japanese massage clinic in Japan. Made me wonder a little at what the previous reader had been doing.

The post can be found at for anyone who wants to give it a squiz. Have you ever bought secondhand books or borrowed books from a library? Have you ever found anything surprising inside of them?

If you’ve never bought secondhand, or never visited the library, why don’t you give it a go and see where it leads you. Never know, you might be surprised with what you find!

Never stop reading, and always stay adventurous.



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