Broken Rock

Something we all need to remember.

Oh, Bite Me.

Life’s hard when you’re the one who has to keep it all together.

The one with suicidal friends, friends with depression, the one who’s talking people down from the ledge.

Always the one asking if everyone else is okay.

People need to realise that these people aren’t just there to ask if you’re okay; they need to realise that they are human beings too and are capable of being in more distress than you’ve seen them in.

People like me.

We keep it all in because we feel like other peoples problems are bigger than our own, but one day it just comes crashing down.

Treat people decently everywhere you go. You’re not the first thing to happen to them that day. You’re the hundredth.

No one likes reaching breaking point. It’s like taking the last hit at a dam before you release the river and once it’s gone it…

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