The thing about eyeballs and books and time…

Hello all!

I thought I’d keep you amused with more of my rambling in between book posts, and tell you all about a funny thing that happened a few days ago.

For those of you who know me, you’ll know that I have a pair of black glasses permanently perched on my nose. I didn’t initially need glasses, and never really thought I would. Until I hit sixteen and I couldn’t see large black letters less than a metre away from my squinting eyes. I jokingly put it down to my bookworm habits, but when I went to see my optometrist I was told that partially it’s hereditary and also partially, it’s because I did in fact strain my eyes too much.

Of course I was mortified. Since then I’ve made a rule to keep my glasses on when I’m driving, reading, or tapping away at my computer (much like I am now). Five years pass, and I accidentally forgot to put my glasses on last week. Chaos ensued. Within mere seconds I felt my eyes get sore and my whole prefrontal cortex decided to give me a very unpleasant headache. I had to stop staring at my screen and sit down for a few minutes before it passed.

So, tl,dr; if you need glasses. Wear them. Not only does not wearing them cause your eye muscles to degenerate faster, but it also gives you one heck of a headache. And the need for reading glasses can honestly strike people at any age. Time, unfortunately, only makes things worse.

I guess the upside is I get to have half-moon glasses like Dumbledore’s later on! I’m sure not stopping with my books. Ever.

Speaking of books, I’m about halfway through Moby Dick so the review should be up soon.

Never stop reading!



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