8 Of The Creepiest New Photos On Streetview

This is… absolutely stunning. Read it!

Thought Catalog


A gray sidewalk near a park, with a number of spindly trees on either side. Near the edge of the photo is a road where blurry cars cruise by. In the middle of the photo stand two rows of bird-faced people. It looks as if they’ve parted so that you can pass through and continue down the sidewalk—into what?

People say this photo was taken in Japan, but that is not true.

You know the type: the middle-aged couple who beckons you into their mansion to warm up while they get their wallets. You admire the high ceilings and spiral staircases and wonder how they made their fortune—how anyone makes this kind of fortune. Before you arrived, it smelled like lavender and money. Upon your arrival, the smell of warm pizza drifts in. They return and graciously take the pizza boxes from your hands. They’re the kind who keep…

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