Yo ho, yo ho, an author’s life for me

Hello everyone!

I do apologise for my absence. My dear Jeremiah has been taking up almost all of my time lately and staunchly refusing to let me work on anything but my novel. As most of you know, Pirates of Time is my current project and although I’ve been working on it since November of last year, it’s only now that the realities of being a writer have sunk in.

Let me clarify. For those of you who write regularly, I’m sure you’ve had the experience of telling someone about your novel, only for that person to immediately get excited and ask you for a first copy or an autograph. I’ve had many of these experiences myself, but never have I been asked for an autograph. Until today.

Most people I’ve spoken to have loved the idea behind my work: a former naval officer, turned privateer and then pirate for the sake of taking vengeance on the British state and patriarchy which had so wronged him in his childhood, only to then find himself stuck in the middle of an international fight for power and the arrival of creatures who wish to own the planet for themselves and have for years been working in the background to accomplish their goals. He’s faced with the choice of saving the planet, or forsaking his own morals and drive for the good of the British Empire. And so it is that Captain Jeremiah Carter of the HMS Excalibur finds himself faced with the greatest of calamities on the high seas and in the skies, and a brother who will stop at nothing to destroy him. I guess it’s a good feeling to know that people like the idea enough to read it (at least four suggested I turn it into a movie but I am a shocking scriptwriter), but it still freaks me out a little when people get excited. It makes me wonder what I’m to expect once I publish, and how things might change in the future. I hope good things but we never can tell until we get there.

Alas my tea has run out and I am in need of more.

Don’t stop reading,



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