Update time!

Hello my wonderful followers and welcome to another blog post!

Now that July’s NaNo camp is over and Dreamstealer is well on its way (65, 568 words and counting!), I’ve realised that it’s been quite some time since I did and ACTUAL book review post here. Shame on me! *slaps hand*. But never fear! I’ve got a few in the works. During my small hiatus from book reviews I managed to tear my way through Frank Herbert’s Dune, and borrowed out some more books from the local library one of which was Robin Hobb’s Dragon Haven, the second book in the Rain Wild Chronicles. The first one was overdue so I couldn’t get it, which I was bummed about, but I have managed to borrow a copy from a good friend of mine so let the adventures continue! I’ll be drawing up blog posts for both of those over the next couple of days.

In other news, winter here in Aus. is NEARLY OVER! Yay! More time in the sun with my novels. I’ve taken to writing on the front porch where there’s usually a good span of sunlight for most of the day. When I’m not writing I’ve been trying to focus on getting myself prepared for my Grade 8 piano exam, which should be happening in October sometime. I’m also still trying to organise some employment for myself, which is difficult *sigh*. But I’m sure something will turn up eventually. Just have to keep investigating my options.

Anyway, that’s about it from me for the time being until I get these new blog posts finished. I wish you adieu for the moment, friends. Stay tuned!

Don’t stop reading,



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