Balancing Work/Write duties.

Hi All!

Long time no see. I’ve missed this blog and I’ve missed you all, I’ve just been going through an actual metric ton of work related things which has really eaten into my writing time. My whole schedule got put out of whack and with five projects on the go I found myself burning out.

So, now that I’ve got some quiet time, I figured I’d sit down and reassess my plans. I’m still working hard on Pirates of Time, and the Dreamstealer  and Excalibur Chronicles. I’ve also added Tales From Below to my growing WIP list. Seems like the work is never ending, but I’ve got some software now (hello Aeon Timeline 2!) and I’ve got some maps I’m working on for Dreamstealer. Which are going to look incredible on my wall and in the books when they’re done.

The main problem I’m finding is that with each new project comes a whole slew of issues that I might not have thought about. TFB is proving to be a whole different kettle of fish, with exploration of Lovecraftian themes and a twist on a traditional fairytale about good and evil. My characters all despise each other and its all I can do to try and get one of them to do something useful! Ugh. This is my attempt at trying to do something different and instead all my brain can think about is new sci-fi plotlines that I can only write down and not fully explore.

Doesn’t actually help that it is literally sweltering here in the land of Oz, or as my friends lovingly call it, Ovenville.

At the very least I’ve managed to extricate some old books from my shelves, they’re off across the seas and into lifeline to go to new homes. I will miss them dearly.

I should get back to writing this weekly. Its happening.




Aaaaaah! What’s this, a new page?! No I assure you all it’s still the same thing. Just prettier. Out with the old and in with the new as they say, and with 2017 well and truly upon us, it’s about time for an upgrade.

Hope you enjoy the new site, comments, questions, send them my way!


Character Interview: P. D. Tovh’s Jeremiah

Character interview with Jeremiah for Pirates of Time! Check it out!

Meeting With The Muse

(Kelly was written by Kelly Blanchard. Jeremiah was written by P. D. Tovh.)

Jeremiah had finally finished dressing himself after fussing over his outfit for a good hour or so, finding the cleanest gear to go with his favourite jacket. That was a difficult task in and of itself, never mind making sure his ever-rampant red hair actually sat straight for once. He was using the chipped and cracked mirror installed in his quarters aboard his ship, the Excalibur, having been unable to replace it since their last raid. He spent the next hour or so clearing up his quarters and cabin, clearing the desk of old ale bottles and various other trinkets which he had a habit of leaving lying about. He was even clean-shaven and sober this morning, rare for him, but one never met with a fine lady whilst drunk or unpresentable. If his bastard of a…

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Author Interview: P. D. Tovh

Here’s an author interview I recently carried out with the wonderful Kelly Blanchard!

Meeting With The Muse

(Kelly was written by Kelly Blanchard. Tovh was written by P. D. Tovh.)

A blast of wintery wind raked through the medieval village streets, and Kelly hugged her cloak close to her as she made her way across the street to the pub there. She let out a sigh of relief when she felt the warmth of the room, and she lowered her hood, ignoring the looks the men gave her when she stepped in. The keeper caught her gaze, tipped his head in recognize then shifted his eyes to the back corner. Kelly followed his gaze and saw an empty table set aside there. Good, they had made preparations for her.

Kelly nodded her thanks and made her way to the table, walking past the fire in the heath, letting the heat wear off some of the numbness to the cold. She took a seat at the table facing…

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Update time!

Hello my wonderful followers and welcome to another blog post!

Now that July’s NaNo camp is over and Dreamstealer is well on its way (65, 568 words and counting!), I’ve realised that it’s been quite some time since I did and ACTUAL book review post here. Shame on me! *slaps hand*. But never fear! I’ve got a few in the works. During my small hiatus from book reviews I managed to tear my way through Frank Herbert’s Dune, and borrowed out some more books from the local library one of which was Robin Hobb’s Dragon Haven, the second book in the Rain Wild Chronicles. The first one was overdue so I couldn’t get it, which I was bummed about, but I have managed to borrow a copy from a good friend of mine so let the adventures continue! I’ll be drawing up blog posts for both of those over the next couple of days.

In other news, winter here in Aus. is NEARLY OVER! Yay! More time in the sun with my novels. I’ve taken to writing on the front porch where there’s usually a good span of sunlight for most of the day. When I’m not writing I’ve been trying to focus on getting myself prepared for my Grade 8 piano exam, which should be happening in October sometime. I’m also still trying to organise some employment for myself, which is difficult *sigh*. But I’m sure something will turn up eventually. Just have to keep investigating my options.

Anyway, that’s about it from me for the time being until I get these new blog posts finished. I wish you adieu for the moment, friends. Stay tuned!

Don’t stop reading,


Wow it’s been a while… Update time!

Hello everyone!

I was just checking when my last blog post was. March! Goodness me. Far too long.

So I thought I’d update you all on what’s been going on.

First off, I am still ploughing my way through Homer’s Odyssey, which I started a few weeks ago. It’s proving to be quite the surprise, as I had only a vague idea (so it turns out) of what was actually IN the book.

Besides that, I’ve been working hard on Pirates of Time and today I spent my afternoon doing some more worldbuilding work, polishing off Chapter Seventeen, and redesigning my main character, Jeremiah. It’s refreshing to get a different perspective on my work every once in a while, and that’s what happened today after re-reading some of it months later.

In addition to this, I went to the local markets over the weekend and got way too excited over completing my Dune Chronicles set and picking up a book about the worldbuilding process of said series. I also picked up Arthur C. Clarke’s Greetings, Carbon-Based Bipeds! I’m very keen to dig into this haul and see what I can find.

So anyway, that’s been me lately. What have you all been up to in the book world lately? Drop me a line in the comments! I love hearing from you all 🙂

Never stop reading,


8 Of The Creepiest New Photos On Streetview

This is… absolutely stunning. Read it!

Thought Catalog


A gray sidewalk near a park, with a number of spindly trees on either side. Near the edge of the photo is a road where blurry cars cruise by. In the middle of the photo stand two rows of bird-faced people. It looks as if they’ve parted so that you can pass through and continue down the sidewalk—into what?

People say this photo was taken in Japan, but that is not true.

You know the type: the middle-aged couple who beckons you into their mansion to warm up while they get their wallets. You admire the high ceilings and spiral staircases and wonder how they made their fortune—how anyone makes this kind of fortune. Before you arrived, it smelled like lavender and money. Upon your arrival, the smell of warm pizza drifts in. They return and graciously take the pizza boxes from your hands. They’re the kind who keep…

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