Personnel File: About Me

The ignominious P.D. Tovh (also known as P or AdmiralCarter) is a writer who lives at home with her insane dog and two parents, battling the Australian heat, oversized spiders, and the occasional drop-bear or very lost crocodile. Though she hasn’t published yet, she’s got two adventure/fantasy books on the way – Pirates of Time and Dreamstealer – and an innumerable amount of half baked sci-fi fanfictions, going where no half-cyborg god has gone before (and probably shouldn’t with her record).

In her spare time, Ms. Tovh likes to make lots of very loud and sometimes not altogether musical noise on a piano, guitar, or violin, take pictures of pretty things, guide her friends through perilous dungeons drawn on a whiteboard and controlled with dice,  read her way through mountains of books, and game obsessively. She’s also sometimes a dragon.

Ms. Tovh can be contacted through any of the channels listed on her contacts page.

Stay tuned for more!


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