Current and Future Works

So by now you’ve probably noticed I’m an author. So, what am I working on? Here’s a definitive list, with the rough around the edges blurb underneath.

1. Pirates of Time, by P.D. Tovh

Captain Jeremiah Carter of the pirate vessel the Excalibur is called upon by King George the First to explain a French clockwork sparrow which seems to be alive. It’s not the first time that Jeremiah has been called upon for covert Crown business, but it IS the first time that impending war with France and rumours of a powerful weapon aimed at England across the channel have driven the request. What nobody suspects is that it’s not just France who’s angry, but a whole other host of creatures from beyond the stars who want Earth, and plan to take it with the cogs of clocks and the power of science. Once Jeremiah discovers this, he swears that it will never happen and brings Earth to victory after a wild adventure crossing France and England, but not without a price that will keep taking for the rest of his life.

2. Dreamstealer, by P.D. Tovh

Elarian Encyclopedia, 5th Edition. (Copyright 1473).

Dreamstealer, noun. A being of legendary power and greatness. Feasts on the dreams of the Elders. Legend states that the being is older than time itself, but has lain dormant until recent years. Many of the residents of the Elarian provinces blame the Dreamstealer for the unrest, and others blame secretive machinations of the Dream-Elder government. Legend also states that there will one day be a Dreamer who can defeat the Dreamstealer, and we wait for the day when that Dreamer restores peace and security to the world. Until then, chaos reigns.

3. Dreamchaser, by P.D. Tovh

Elarian Encyclopedia, 5th Edition. (Copyright 1473)

Dreamchaser, noun: One who seeks greatness through the pursuit of dreams, and the fulfilment of goals. Its said that change often occurs in the process of dreamchasing. Whether that change is for the better or the worse, none but the chaser knows.

4. The Excalibur Chronicles, by P.D. Tovh

This is an ongoing book series inspired by my lifelong love of scifi. It follows the adventures of Petra Carter and her gang of misanthropic crewmen and friends, causing complete havoc under the StarCorps banner and somehow getting away with it. Space pirates, peace treaties, warmongering aliens and more than a few psychotic despots colour her travels, and throughout all of this the one thing she questions is whether or not her coffee is still piping hot.

5. Tales From Below

Future book series and current one-shot where a dragon shapeshifter finds that he’s really not alone in the world, and that only learning to trust his enemies and understand them can help save his planet from destruction by the forces of Almasea, the Beyond.

As of yet I don’t have anything published. But I’m working on it, and will keep you all updated as things progress. Happy reading!




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